Rokas Tracevskis


The Manor of Horror: The Soviet-era Mass Grave in Vilnius

ISBN 978-609-8037-27-2
Number of pages 56 p.
Format and covers 12x20, minkšti viršeliai
Abstract (short presentation of the book) The Manor of Horror: the Soviet-era Mass Grave in Vilnius is a book about the most mysterious place in Vilnius, Lithuania. In 1994, the secret service of independent Lithuania reported on its discovery of the Tuskulėnai Manor-based Soviet-era mass grave: various enemies of the Soviets were placed in trenches there. The book tells real stories of some Tuskulėnai Manor-related people at the times of the Holocaust, the Stalinist terror and the post-WWII Lithuanian anti-Soviet armed resistance.
Price: 10.00 Lt