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Minaičiai 2004

WHERE? Minaičiai, Radviliškis district


WHO? Four non-governmental organizations participated in the mobile camp: “Vanagas” – 10 participants, Lithuanian Riflemen’s Union – 11 participants, Žemaitija Scouting Organization – 10 participants and Federation “Ateitis” – 5 participants.



Mobile summer camp “Minaičiai 2004” was organized on February 16,1949 to commemorate the declaration signed by the partisan leadership.


In 1949, representatives from all Lithuanian partisan regions gathered in the Minaičiai (Radviliškis district) bunker to sign a declaration, which proclaimed that the Council of the Movement of the Struggle for Freedom of Lithuania (MSFL) in occupied Lithuania is the supreme lawful political body, expressing the will of the nation, loyalty to the principles of democracy and Christian morality, leading the political and military struggle for the liberation of the nation. During the conference of partisan leaders, the MSFL was referred to as the supreme political and military structure, joining the military formations and political groups, exercising resistance by joint political and military measures and fighting for the liberation of Lithuania. In Minaičiai some draft statutes as well as other documents regulating the partisan activity were also considered and approved, MSFL ideology, action tactics and strategy were discussed.


The course of the mobile camp: The mobile camp started with a march. Four groups marched along five-day long (about 45 km) separate authentic routes to Minaičiai. The initial places of travel were two: Radviliškis Church of St. Mary’s Birth and the Basilica of the Birth of the Virgin Mary in Šiluva. The march routes, which were prepared by the orienteering sports trainers, were chosen by way of casting lots. During the march, the participants performed “partisan” tasks. At the final point of the travel, in Minaičiai, a festive gathering of all groups took place with partisans and local community. A perfect award waited those who performed best all the tasks in the mobile camp “Minaičiai 2004” – a trip to the militarized camp “Krooni club” in Estonia. All the groups were worth of that award, but the representatives of the public organization „Vanagai“ were the first and became the winners of the march..

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