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In Lithuania
Great Lithuanian Hetman Jonušas Radvila Training Regiment
Cooperation agreement No. 57R-03, 2007-11-21

Lithuanian Catholic Student Federation “Ateitis”
Cooperation agreement No. 57R-01, 2007-06-06

Vilnius Teachers’ House
Cooperation agreement No. 57R-O3, 2006-02-07

“Žinių radijas”
Agreement No. A-06/01-/57R-02, 2006-01-09

Youth club “Vija”

Cooperation agreement No. 57R-08, 2005-12-14

State Civil Resistance Preparation Centre under MND
Cooperation agreement No. S-57R-07, 2005-10-10

State Security Department of the Republic of Lithuania
Cooperation agreement No. 9(70)-33-42/57R-04, 2005-04-29

Vilnius Secondary Boarding School “Lietuvių namai” (Lithuanian Home)
Cooperation agreement No. 57R-02, 2005-01-13

Vilnius Centre of Public Initiatives “Democracy for Belarus”
Cooperation declaration, 2002-12-04

Dzūkija National Park
Cooperation agreement, 2000-05-30

LR General Prosecutor’s Office, LR State Security Department
Agreement, 1998-07-22

LR State Security Department
Cooperation agreement, 1997-10-06.

National Defence Volunteer Service
Cooperation agreement, 1997-10-06

Lithuanian Foundation of National Culture
Cooperation agreement, 1997-07-22

Lithuanian Institute of History
Cooperation agreement, 1997-06-23
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