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The History of Occupations for Youth programme

The Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania launched the History of Occupations for Youth programme in 1999. Objectives and tasks of the programme:

  • to communicate historical knowledge about the resistance movement and its forms and about the difficult post-war period using instruments that youth understand;
  • to communicate notions such as the love of the participants in the resistance movement for their native land, justice, a free world, and democracy;
  • to inculcate civil and patriotic feelings in youth;
  • to encourage independent thinking and a variety of opinions and ideas among youth;
  • to encourage youth to develop their creative skills;
  • to encourage youth to learn about their native land during summer active leisure camps and short hikes;
  • to help youth to develop an understanding of the importance of every citizen’s personal contribution to the creation of a socially-oriented state;
  • to prove the importance of learning and understanding the historical past for modern society;
  • to encourage the communication and collaboration of representatives of different generations; and
  • to involve as many young people from cities and rural areas as possible in the programme and to encourage their self-education.

Activities of the programme:

  • The annual national competition for pupils, History of Lithuania’s Struggles and Losses for Freedom. The competition has been organised on an annual basis for over a decade now, and the number of participants continues to increase. The competition is open to pupils of the 5th–12th forms from Lithuania and Lithuanian schools abroad. Works for the competition may be created using various techniques and forms such as essays, drawings, songs, movies, photographs, performances, poems, projects, handmade artworks, and installations. The competition culminates in an awards ceremony held in Vilnius.
  • The popularisation of works created by the participants in the competition. The Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania publishes the essays of the participants in the competition in books illustrated by pupils’ drawings. Tremtis (Exile), a collection of pupils’ drawings dedicated to the remembrance of the victims of the Black June of 1941 is one of the publications. The songs composed by participants in the competition were published on a CD entitled O taip norėjosi gyventi... (We wanted so much to live...). Exhibitions of the drawings and handmade artworks of the participants in the competition are held at public entities, organisations and schools during various events and anniversaries.
  • Educational summer camps for participants in the competition. The camps have been organised since 2000 in cooperation with the Ministry of National Defence and the Lithuanian Army. The camps are open to award winners and participants in the competition and are organised in areas where partisan districts operated in the post-war period. The programme is aimed at non-formal youth education: learning about Lithuania’s painful historical past and the difficult post-war period and promoting an interest in the native land and active leisure.

To receive further information about the programme, please contact:

The Memorial Department of the Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania, Remembrance Programmes Unit, Didžioji g. 17/1, Vilnius.

 phone +370 5 231 4149,

Senior officer: phone +370 5 275 5261,

e-mail: konkursas@genocid.lt.

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