2021 m. November 30
Didžioji str. 17/1, LT-01128 Vilnius, Tel. +370 5 231 4139, Fax. +370 5 279 1033, e-mail centras@genocid.lt
The Library of the Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania (LGRRC) was established on December 23, 1994.
Prior to February 1997, the Library accumulated literature, a good number of publications were collected from Varėna, Zarasai and Molėtai regional libraries, and compiled bibliography. The provision of official services to the readers was started in February 1997, when LGRRC moved to Didžioji Str. 17/1.
At present, the library has accumulated 11,755 publications. This is literature about genocide and resistance , the history of the Soviet period.
The Library handles the catalogue “The Genocide and Resistance of Lithuania’s Residents”. The bibliography on the subject of genocide and resistance accumulated includes that from the period from 1989 to 1997 from regional and national newspapers and journals, and from 1997 only from the national newspapers.
The library renders services to LGRRC employees, deportees, political prisoners, resistants, students and other readers. LGRRC employees may take books home. All other readers may take books home only with the consent of the Director General. The Library funds are available for all readers.
The book exhibitions permanently held: “Atmink ir neužmiršk” (Remember and Do Not Forget), “Vasario 16-oji” (The 16th of February), “Lietuvos kariuomenės dienai” (To the Day of the Lithuanian Army), “Sausio 13-ajai atminti” (To Commemorate the 13th of January). The LGRRC publications are on display.
If you have got the extra copies of publications on the themes of genocide and resistance or if you are publishing new books, the Library will be grateful to you for receiving them as your gift.
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