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In 2014–2015, the Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania is participating in “Fragile Thread: A Baltic Story for a Peaceful Future” (FRAT), an international project funded by the programme "Europe for Citizens".

The project is taking place from 1 September 2014 to 1 September 2015.

The project invites the young generation of the Baltic States with different ethnic backgrounds to remember the common Communist past and create a common future in the European Union based on European values.

The main aim of the project – to recall recent historical past of the Baltic countries in order to foster consciousness among youth.

The participants in the project include pupils and teachers from Russian and local native speaking schools in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia; history experts; artists; educators; and mentors.

In October 2014, the project started with the Playback Theatre seminar, "A Sustainable Future in Place of a Restricted Past", in which representatives from every school participated: two pupils and two teachers from each of the seven schools. The topic and objectives of the project were discussed using a variety of creative forms, and joint activities were scheduled.

A number of events that will involve over 1,400 pupils are scheduled for March, April and May 2015 in the seven schools in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The pupils will learn about the "Time Machine", a mobile interactive installation that will describe the Communist period in comparison with EU values. Visits to the installation will be followed by in-class debates, in which pupils will discuss the human rights that were not respected during the Soviet period and the importance of universal values in our lives.

"Story my Mom/Dad has never told yet" is a creative essay contest that will be held in spring 2015. Pupils from the seven schools in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia participating in the project will present painful and sad, joyful and funny, or perhaps ironic and unexpected stories told by their parents or grandparents about the Soviet period. The ten best essays will be published in a book entitled "Untold Stories of the Baltic Countries". The project will culminate in a joint international flash mob at project partner schools.

Additional information on all project events

The project is being organised by the Studio for Self-Awareness and Self-Realisation
(VšĮ Savęs pažinimo ir realizavimo studija).

Project partners:
Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania (Vilnius, Lithuania);
Vilnius Karoliniškės Gymnasium (Vilnius, Lithuania);
Vilnius Alexander Pushkin Secondary School (Vilnius, Lithuania);
Vytautas Magnus Basic School (Jurbarkas, Lithuania);
Tallinna Läänemere Gümnaasium (Tallinn, Estonia);
Viljandi Gümnaasium (Viljandi, Estonia);
Rigas 25 Vidusskola (Riga, Latvia);
Rigas 89 Vidusskola (Riga, Latvia).

Project website: www.baltijosistorija.lt

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