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Kaspars Zellis, Dmitrij Olechnovič
Caricature in the Newspaper „Tēvija“ (1941–1945). Some Questions of Source Criticism



During the Nazi occupation, the newspaper Tvija [Fatherland] was the most influential newspaper published in the Latvian language. The authors of the present article have researched the entire newspaper file – 1168 issues. In the process of the investigation, 400 caricatures were selected and divided into different groups. The division was made according to the theme of the caricatures. Most of the caricatures had been created by Latvian authors, although there were also some re-publications from German newspapers.
The main theme of the caricatures was the war, but especially in the year 1941, the theme of Soviet terror was topical. Anti-Semitic elements were present in many caricatures, but this was not the most important component. The use of caricatures were especially noticeable during the initial period of the war.

Genocidas ir rezistencija, 2005, Nr. 2(18)
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