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The armed anti-Soviet resistance

This collection was started just after the foundation of the museum, on the basis of documents found in the central KGB building in Vilnius. It consists of partisans’ documents, photographs and publications, which were confiscated by the MGB from partisans or their supporters and were not included in their criminal trials as material evidence. The collection was supplemented with various items supplied by people or organisations, or found during fieldwork.

The collection is still being completed. People who signed by their pseudonyms and unknown partisans still have to be identified.

The collection consists of the following: documents, photographs, objects and publications.

Vytauto apygardos Kunigaikščio Margio rinktinės partizanai

Partisans of the Kunigaikštis Margis regiment of the Vytautas district


Documents. These are orders, reports and official letters, also letters of thanks, awards and others. The documents are very informative, and provide much information about the appointment of officers, the forming or disbanding of units, fights, killed or distinguished partisans, and their everyday life.

The set of partisan documents formed by the KGB, and the archives of partisan documents (the Algimantas and Kęstutis partisan districts), kept in the museum are especially valuable.

Photographs. This is a big part of the collection, consisting of photographs of freedom fighters and their supporters. Most were found in the former KGB building, in the “room of exhibits” and the library. KGB officers fought the partisan movement ruthlessly, so they had to know partisans’ habits and behaviour. They made an index of partisans’ photographs, part of which is kept in the museum. The other photographs were not systematised. Some photographs are torn up, some show signs of being shot at. They are also witnesses of the postwar years.

The stocks of partisans’ photographs include over 600 photographs of killed freedom fighters. They were probably made by the MGB, because no one else would take a photograph of mutilated bodies that were displayed in squares and watched over by MGB officers.

Dainava military district certificate about the award of squad chief Varmas with the first Stripe of Courage. The document is signed by Adolfas Ramanauskas-Vanagas, Benediktas Labenskas- Kariūnas, and Lionginas Baliukevičius-Dzūkas. Oct. 7, 1948

Objects. This is not a large part of the collection. The most valuable items are original stripes from partisans’ uniforms, means of communication, arms, ammunition and objects found in old bunkers during fieldwork.

Publications. This part consists of proclamations, newspapers, collections of poems, memoirs, and unpublished works by partisans. Some notebooks of memoirs by the partisan leader Adolfas Ramanauskas, the diary of the partisan Andrius Žemaitis, and partisans’ descriptions of battles and of people who were killed are also kept in the museum. The part of the collection called the “Press” consists of newspapers and magazines (over 30 titles) and other publications.

A tab, an emblem of the partisans

The first page of the Ženkime su Malda partisan publication


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