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The activities of secret Soviet institutions

KGB darbuotojo asmens pažymėjimas ir byla
A certificate and personal file of a KGB officer
This collection contains objects found in 1992 in the former KGB building. Valuable exhibits were found in the museum of “Chekist Fame”, the Operative Technical Department, a specialised library, a photography laboratory and other rooms of KGB workers. The collection is still being supplemented: interesting exhibits were acquired from the Lithuanian Special Archive, private persons, and antique shops.

The collection is divided into the following groups.

Documents, literature, video and audio-records. There are many official KGB documents, permits and certificates in this group. Some documents that are usually issued by the Civil Registrar’s Office (for example, birth certificates) are still not filled in. They could have been used to create a cover for KGB agents.

Various document forms, passes, folders and other output by the KGB printing house make up a large part of the collection. A valuable part of this group is the archive of questionnaires of killed Chekist and outstanding “Soviet citizens”. Video records of investigations and confrontations from 1981–1989 are also kept here. One of the most interesting records is the memoirs and autobiography of Colonel A. Martavičius, told by himself to colleagues on Chekists’ Day.

Rašysenos pavyzdžiai Rašysenos analizavimas
Samples of handwriting collected and analysed by the KGB

Photographs. There are photographs of examples of writing, various anti-Soviet proclamations, the places where they were distributed and discovered, and pictures of “suspicious” people who were photographed in secret. Many exhibits, such as pictures of former KGB leaders, charts of the armed underground movement’s structure, and plans of operations against the partisan resistance, were found in the former “Chekist Fame” museum.

Objects. This group consists of stock found in the KGB building: equipment for listening to telephone conversations, viewing microfilms, searching for hidden microphones, etc. There is a big collection of metal stamps used for sealing premises, safes and dispatches. Among the other interesting objects, there are also uniforms of KGB officers and soldiers from the 1980s, including the uniform worn by the KGB deputy minister General A. Gailevičius.

KGB naudoti antspaudai Generolo kepurė
Stamps used by the KGB A general’s cap


KGB specialiosios bibliotekos knygos
Books from the KGB library

Special library. A part of the former KGB library is stored in the museum. This is ideological literature (the works of Marx and Lenin, and other works of Marxist-Leninist philosophy), decisions of the Supreme Council and the Council of Ministers of the Lithuanian SSR and the USSR, and various legal acts and codes. Among them are KGB publications: instructions, special literature for reconnaissance and counter-espionage, and also anti-Soviet literature published in Lithuania and abroad that was confiscated by the KGB.

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